Join our Leaderboards

Once you've added the first Pop to your Collection, you're added to our site Leaderboards. These are just for fun and mean absolutely nothing at all!

The Leaderboards are a great way to find other people that use the site and check out their collections too along with promoting some friendly site competition, which is always good!

The Leaderboards section is a little bit bare at the moment but we do plan to add a lot more leaderboards very soon. We'll also be creating leaderboards that have nothing to do with our users, such as "Series with the Most Vaulted Pops".

It's all about the data...

Activity Feed

You can follow other users on the site if you like the look of their collection and want to keep track of their collection in the future.

All of this data builds up into a custom feed for you to browse on the site which displays which Pops the people you follow are adding to their collections / wishlists.

The feed also shows whenever someone you follow, follows someone else, so you can check their collection out and when a new Pop Figure is added to the site.

Advanced Search

To make it easier for our users to be able to update their collections easily, we've made sure our search is as good as possible.

We're constantly making changes to our search so users get the correct results and are finding new ways to use the data we have to improve our results.

Not only can you search by Title and Series, we've also added Sub-Series search, so for example, here are all of The Hobbit pop figures. You can also search by Release Year, Exclusivity, Rarity and Variation.